Monday, February 12, 2007

#@!!*)))%!!! Raccoon(s)!!!!!

I tried and tried to hate you Raccoons. I tried.
I now need to go get more ducks, the ducks that lived
in the trees, who used the duck bucket daily,
my beloved ducks.

I bought the LiveTrap, I had my husband put your
favorite eggs in it. You were in the trap within minutes, you
p-i-g pig.

You snarled at me, snapped at me when I tried to give you
bread, then you decided I was ok, and took the marshmallow
that I put in your cage and use it for a pillow.

You made me laugh, and I hate you for that.

Please enjoy your new life over down by the dump, as
there are many new delights to dig into there, just don't
come back, as we put the trap back out, and all your
brothers and sisters are coming to visit you soon, as soon
as they find the trap with the eggs.

I hate that you're so damn cute.

Yours as long as it takes, Audrey

Marshmallow Pillow: