Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Mural

Pool Bath, Men's Room, Mansions La Palma in Bay Colony, Pelican Bay, Naples FL. whoo. Long name. Took about a week, as I kept going back, the place is absolutely a beautiful place to be. The manager had seen another mural I had done, and he contacted me. Ralph Sanchez, thank you. I have another one to do for them, for the women's, a florida beach one, and I can do that at home. Oh, and that bottom right square is a mirror.

It's about 4 x 8' and so is the other. I forgot to paint the flag before I took the pic!

It's the 18th hole at the Bay Colony Golf Course. Hurricane Wilma took all the trees and shoved them to lean to the left. A lot of my trees at the house lean now too. I made the title of this post a link to the big version. I like the water and the retaining wall.