Thursday, April 24, 2008

Redefining the Word Cowboy

I can't believe its been so long since I've posted. I am remiss.

We've done a lot here in this time, aviaries, selling and buying,
profits, losses. Christmas came and went along with new years,
the only constant here is change.

Well, isn't that true anyway?

As complex as the quandry is, it sure makes for fun drawing and even
more fun movies. Especially with our new calf, I hesitate to name him,
as DO NOT GET ATTATCHED is not a good name.

He's 2 weeks old today!

I don't know if the procedure that our Dairy Industry uses to get rid
of their male cows born to their milk cows is right or what. We went
to a local auction to sell some excess roosters. There in a cage to
be sold, we saw baby baby cows. HUH? Where's their moms? Still at the
dairy making MILK! I was horrified, and these babies were auctioned off
for next to nothing. BUT. Better the babies are sold rapidly, as
they were, and they were very healthy. (altho hungry) Better that they
are sold than the chance of being immediate dog food. Better that I
give this little dorky thing the chance for a little bit of life, some
joy, for as long as he has, than none at all, thats my rationalization
for all of this.

I am over my head here, as I have no IDEA whether
I can afford to keep him, its ok now, its just milk, but in the future
when he's 800 lbs, I don't know. I will have to see if he's still as
gentle (I doubt he will be) I will have to see if he eats a bale a day
as bales of hay here are costly, we have no good grass for cows, they
need supplement. Plus grain. More Ethanol, pls, mr BUSH DAMMIT. NOT!
The feed prices have gone up like 20% in the last month!

All in all, the future is all unknowns. The art biz is ok, we're scrappin
just like everybody else, but I don't feel particularly bleak. For now
we're fine, alls well at schietztreun acres.