Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our Impenetrable Fence

Our yard is totally fenced, and this is about the 5th one so
far. This one, tho, was huge. Did he know there was a lake
3 fences and a brushpile away? We turned the hose on for
him and he drank, then Dad and Bink took him to the lake,
in a chickn bucket.

An armadillo visited again last night, made so much noise
I KNEW he'd never hear the back door squeak, so I snuck
out and sat on a stone wall and waited for him. They don't
bite, right? He came within 3 feet of me, and stood up like
a bunny, decided something was just not right, and he
scooted off, not really in a hurry, but kind of nervous.
I could hear him across the yard scrapin' around for bugs.

There's more chicken babies, one so far has disappeared
and another almost disappeared yesterday. We had a
wind storm, it knocked over things in the yard, notably 2
sheets of plywood resting on the fence. What would be the
chance that at that very moment, a chicken baby would be
walking by? This ends good. Don't panic. Yes.
The plywood fell over on the grass, and the chicken baby
was under it, BUT. What saved the chickn baby was
the fact that there had been a rake against the plywood,
which landed tines up under the plywood, and guess who
was found up against the tines? Yes, a perfectly healthy
but frustrated baby chikn that had been sitting in one place
for at least 4 hrs. Her legs were a bit stiff, but she found
her mother in 2 seconds and was out eating immediately.
We were amazed.