Monday, May 03, 2010

They Stayed.

Am I the only one who gets spay and neuter certificates for Christmas? So finally they're all done, YudaKitty, Goofy, Crabby, Pootie and Tummydot. I went to give one away, and my sis says, OH, you can't give THAT one away, that one's the puppy's cat. HUH? She showed me, Pootie sits still, and her two puppies bounce off of it, I saw the only cat on the planet to stay still for that kind of abuse, and the most emotion it showed was to turn its head, while they chewed on its ears, well, that one can't go. SO, Yudakitty was the one who crawled up her pajama legs every morning, so thats my favorite too, so it can't go. Crab is good with the chickens and birds, its ok, Tummy Dot is my husband's other dog, it can't go. Goofy is just that, amusing, and so thats that. Summer is here, they're all out and about, almost invisible cats, as opposed to the winter pic above. Mama Arcadia is neutered, and we got Hello Kitty back from the first litter, he's neutered too, but looks just like his dad, Richard, who we lost July 5th. SO. We had Pike, Brotherinlaw John's cat, she's fine, but we lost Bolie the other day, ancient and decrepit, she just wandered off into the sunset, but not before saying goodbye, meeting me at the gate when I brought Bink back from the school bus. That was like 4:30, I went in to make dinner and she was gone. She was a nice cat.