Friday, February 20, 2009

Pregnant Goats, Spring has Sprung.

Bonita had two babies, a boy and a girl right before Christmas. She was a terrible first time mother, not the worst I've seen, but we did have to take that colostrum by force, and keep the babies in the house at times, lucky for us, they didn't care if it were mothers milk or cow milk, they took whatever was available. She ignored the boy, as he must have come first, way out in the back, and she had the girl in the hog shed. My son found her and the baby, and while I was sitting with them, I heard that plaintive wail I'd heard before, baby lost in the woods. It's chilling. I ran got him, and showed him to her, and she ran off. !!! She eventually got it that it was hers, but never did nurse either of them much. Next time.

The pics above are Chloe's new babies, Lorraine and her brother, he is the camel colored one with white spots, almost identical to Bonita's boy. They both look like their dad, Al. As soon as I knew they were all pregnant, I sold Al to a friend, because I didn't want him re-doing them all the instant they gave birth. (not that fast but fast) Chloe's had babies before, and is a great mom.

Earline should blow any day now, Wheezy, her mother is next, Carmela and Zoey are both pregnant.....that a total of 12 possible new goatie babies. AAAAAAAAAAAA!

And the pregnant ones are crabby!!!