Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Hate it when I don't post.

I went to Colorado, then I went to see the Space Shuttle take off.

It is one of the neatest things mankind has accomplished, I am stunned by it every time. I want to get as close as I can to it, to hear it and feel it, the way you feel the base drum go by in the parade, and have it echo into your stomach. I can see it take off from down the street here, like 250 miles away, but its like a welders torch flame 2 blocks away. I've driven the trip like 6 times now, to only see it take off three times. I saw the one that blew up, running back and forth to the house to see why it suddenly stopped, I stood outside boo hooing with the rest of the country.

We have new chickn babies, and the hen took the chikns and left the nest. I cleaned out what eggs didn't hatch, and upon carrying the eggs to the trash, i heard the distinct sound of peeping. Horror-stricken (chickens can do that to you) I searched the trash, thru exploded eggs, thru trash, and had to lay all the eggs out in the driveway while i held my breath, to find the peeping egg. FINALLY i got it, put it in a box with a light on it, and behold. A new house chicken. The others were a good 3 days older, there was no way to put this one with the others. It couldnt keep up, much less her rejecting it. This one is now a few weeks old, and still hasn't shut up. I never heard a chicken talk so much. I have no idea if its a boy or girl, but it is incredibly independent and is not much for being held, but wants to run along wherever we go, and its hard to watch your feet and walk. My husband is trying to teach it to sit, we'll see. I would keep him/her in the house more, but it talks constantly. Not the annoying peep peep type "i need attn" but more a constant rattle of chikn conversation. Wish me luck.

We had an odd event. A chicken here seems to have fallen in love with the pig. They sleep together, all nestled up, and she guards his food, I've seen her fly up at the burro, and he ran off. She walks around all puffed out, like he's her baby or something, and I caught this video on my phone.

More news as it plays out, here at S.A.