Thursday, December 04, 2008

December's List for January and a PRINT!

This Print's for sale! It's 6.5 x 9.5, give or take, and it's
a signed, limited edition of 250, of Bueller, the baby steer.
Everybody calls it Bueller, but I call it Cow. It looks like
a cow to me. I am totally uneducated as to the correct terminology,
so I get away with a lot. It's $45. plus $5. ship, cool beans!

Anyone who buys one that is a friend gets
the Schietztreun Discount. Whatever that is.

AND thank you Jenny, (she bought the original)!

Ok, this blog has been a poquito sporadic, sometimes things go on that just apall me, sometimes I get busy, and most times, I'm just a TAD scattered, but there are still so many stories going on around me here. I'd like to make a list of stuff that I'd like to talk about and/or draw, for 2009.

Lefty the Parakeet
The Partrige Family in my backyard
Building Aviaries!
Lorraine and her crusty ol husband the Peacock
The Red Golden Pheasants, Max and Joanne
Richard the Volunteer Cat
How to sure-fire give away a Kitten

Wish me luck!