Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Mural

Pool Bath, Men's Room, Mansions La Palma in Bay Colony, Pelican Bay, Naples FL. whoo. Long name. Took about a week, as I kept going back, the place is absolutely a beautiful place to be. The manager had seen another mural I had done, and he contacted me. Ralph Sanchez, thank you. I have another one to do for them, for the women's, a florida beach one, and I can do that at home. Oh, and that bottom right square is a mirror.

It's about 4 x 8' and so is the other. I forgot to paint the flag before I took the pic!

It's the 18th hole at the Bay Colony Golf Course. Hurricane Wilma took all the trees and shoved them to lean to the left. A lot of my trees at the house lean now too. I made the title of this post a link to the big version. I like the water and the retaining wall.


kathryn said...

Hey Aud, it's Kathy! Thanks for the mail ... now I will stalk you mwa ha ha ha haaaaa !!

Love your entry about the baby goat. The miracle of life, what else compares?

Audrey Heffner said...

haha you live too far away to stalk, if you got in your car right now, and decided to drive by my house, and at the same time I decided to walk to Georgia, we'd miss each other on I-75 someplace at the top of Florida!