Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This was a gift from my friend Smartypants

Raccoons had learned every which way to enter my chicken coop. I put rocks under the footer board, they jimmied the handle and opened the door. Possums learned how as well, so we were actually, with 13 chickens, having to buy eggs! Sacrilege!

That Christmas, my mom gave me 5 Pottery Barn Buckets, and I decided to fill them with hay and seed them each with an egg and let the chickens find them. I set them up on the passthru to my kitchen on the back porch, and it's not as messy as you'd think, the chickens only go there now to lay eggs. The other stuff they do, well, they dont do it when they're going to lay an egg. The chickens are now safe to lay their eggs and I have eggs by the back door!

My standard poodle Mona has taken to guarding the henhouse at night, so damages have been cut there as well.

I took a picture of this, and posted it on a message board, and this is what I got back from Smarty. Thanks!

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