Monday, August 28, 2006

Batten Down the Hatchlings!!!

No, theres no babies at this point, but one is sitting on nest, right outside my kitchen window in one of the aforementioned buckets. 15 more days. But there's a hurricane swingin round, and pretty soon we'll have to move her bucket and all, to a safer place... hmmmm ... probably in my art studio.

One hurricane we put all the animals except the horses in my studio and boarded it up. Goats, and turkeys on sawhorses facing each other over a tarp. Plenty of food and water for the 24 hours they were in there. NEVER AGAIN. We had goatie footprints 8 foot up on the walls inside, and the turkeys that sat facing each other on the sawhorses, they had no idea that they could get down, all they saw was each other. When I went to take the big tom down, his legs had fallen asleep. He was up and around in about 10 minutes, but I felt a little guilty that they were that um, dumb. Then there was the issue of all those little "smart pills" that the goaties left. They dry and roll under things, and we found them for years. Under file cabinets and anything low.

You know what smart pills are. My dad used to point to frozen rabbit poop in the winter, and tell me if I ate those, i'd get smarter next time. I never did take him up on it.


shannon said...

You are easily amused.

Wendy Dorrel said...

A farm!! Oh how I envy you, being around all the animals!!

That sounds just lovely!

Audrey Heffner said...

I AM so easily amused!!! I could sit and watch flies fly for hours. I wonder how I get anything done. (I don't) If nothing is important, i find that i wear my shoulders down where they should be, rather than where they were up by my ears when I was doing advertising and hitting deadlines. A life dedicated to avoiding stress is less productive, but damn, life is short, too short for concentrating on "important" things, which eventually will stick out their ugly heads anyway. Like housework.