Monday, May 12, 2008

Cow down, cow up.

He's not a cow. He's a steer. I found that out. We had him fixed immediately, rambunctious devil that he is. My sis took this pic with her phone, when he's hungr he's insistent.

Lots going on, someone gave me ANOTHER pot bellied pig, and a friend took him to another friend who had a girl or two for him to try on. ha. Pics of Mr.Smiley when he gets back from Club Med.

Aviaries to be built! We have a huge pool cage of aluminum that someone gave us, and that augmented with PT that we have, and even some of the cypress that fell in hurricane Wilma will ensure a sturdy structure. There has to be the main structure and an anteroom, called a "mancatcher" that if one gets out when you open the door, it'll still be inside.

I've already built a large holding pen for husband's Red Golden Pheasants, they're happy altho a tad bored, seems. I have a pair of Coturnix quail in there with them as companions, but they seem invisible to each other. That beats the opposite, some breeds don't get along. I think finches and small flighty birds would be fine with the Partridges, I don't want anyone bigger and mean. I don't even think I'd put the quail in with them, the species is too close, and they'd compete for floor space. I think the partridges perch up at night, so there will be small trees and bushes planted for that. More Later.

Cow got very sick last week, scours. I think we switched him too fast on bad advice and replacement milk....a night spent up with him down was awful. I gave him any fluids i could, electrolytes and about 5 am, his nose was wet again. I went to bed and he was up and running around the next day. He had a bad 24 hrs or so. I even had to shoot him up with antibiotics, he didn't care for that, but was too weak to protest. I had to drag him out of the poo by his front feet to the clean stray, and I was glad he was only a month old. There will be no draggin him anywhere in a month.

Mothers Day was great. The honeydo list was out and I was command central. Oh it was great.

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